Due Diligence

The personnel of Global Environmental Engineering privateeyeInc. conduct due diligence services for clients as part of pending real estate transactions, banking transactions, and property owner transfers. Services include All Appropriate Inquiry, Phase I Environmental Site assessments, Phase II Investigations, and Baseline Environmental Assessments. Global has performed environmental review services for concerned individuals, banks, and government agencies.  Global prides itself on the diverse experience of our professional staff. Global’s environmental review specialists have each received training in Due Diligence and are highly knowledgeable with current American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) guidelines. Global’s goal when completing environmental review projects id to protect our clients from potential liability and provide cost effective solutions to environmental problems.






andy woodlandEnvironmental Assessment Case Study: Brownfield Study

Phase I Environmental Assessment Case Study: Village of Mesick

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessment Case Study: Oak School







MDEQ Due Care Brochure, June 2014

MDEQ BEA Guide, May 2015

Q&A: BEAs, Foreclosures, and Receiverships, September 2014

Due Care Citizens Guide, January 2004

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