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Global Environmental Engineering is a Woman-Owned Small Business founded in 1992 as a full-service environmental engineering firm and leading provider of remediation equipment and treatment systems. Global employs engineers, geologists, environmental scientists and technicians with offices in Traverse City and Holly, Michigan.

Our environmental engineering firm offers a wide range of services based on the unique needs of our clients and the changing regulatory environment of our industry. The variety of projects completed by Global has created a firm that is responsive to needs across the public and private sectors. Our professional expertise and training coupled with our in-house inventory of remediation equipment, turn-key treatment systems, and treatment media allow us to not only identify areas of environmental concern but provide our clients with a readily available remediation solution.




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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance services include sampling events and reporting for soil, groundwater, indoor air, and soil gas in accordance with any regulatory requirements.

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Vapor Intrusion

Hazardous volatile substances released into the subsurface can migrate into nearby buildings posing a serious health risk for occupants.

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Due Diligence

We conduct due diligence services for clients as part of pending real estate transactions, banking transactions, and property owner transfers.

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Health & Safety

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