Vapor Intrusion

When volatile chemicals such as solvents or petroleum products are released causing soil and groundwater contamination there is a chance that a soil gas plume will also occur. Polluted gas can then migrate into nearby buildings posing a serious health risk for occupants. This occurrence is referred to as Vapor Intrusion (VI). Since contaminated vapor is often hard to detect, occupants may be unknowingly breathing harmful levels of toxic air. 

Vapor intrusion issues are expected to be the focus of new regulations and guidelines set forth by governing environmental agencies. In response, many environmental consultants are just now becoming familiar with identifying and addressing this type of contamination. However, Global has been conducing VI investigations at underground storage tank sites, dry cleaning facilities, and industrial complexes for several years. Global’s proven experience can be used to help asses compulsory responsibility and level of risk associated with nearby contamination.

Vapor intrusion from underground contamination

Vapor Intrusion occurs when volatile chemicals transition to the vapor phase allowing them to readily migrate and accumulate in indoor air. It can occur in any type of home or commercial building with a basement, slab-on-grade foundation or pier and crawl space foundation and can cause serious health concerns. The risks are most commonly found at sites with contamination resulting from dry cleaning activities, landfills, manufacturing facilities, and petroleum product storage.

For more information: 

Vapor Intrusion Fact Sheet

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Recent Projects: 

Industrial Facility 

The migration of contaminants into indoor air at this industrial facility required immediate action. Global designed and installed a 60,000 square foot methane liner with a passive ventilation system to mitigate the vapor issue. 

Vapor intrusion methane liner

State Funded Vapor Intrusion Investigations 

Global has been conducting vapor intrusion investigations for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality at numerous leaking underground storage tank sites across West Michigan. 

vapor intrusion vapor pins

Vapor Pins

Residential Complex- Grand Rapids, MI 

This state funded vapor intrusion investigation in West Michigan resulted in the evacuation of residents from a complex near a previous dry cleaning facility. Global’s responsibilities have included: 

  • Groundwater investigations 
  • Monitoring well installations 
  • Soil gas points and vapor pin installations 
  • Vertical aquifer profiling 
  • Indoor air sampling

Global maintains staff onsite as this project continues. 

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