Asbestos Inspections – Detroit High Rises

Project Details

Client: Major Developer
Start Date: Nov, 13
End Date: Jul, 15
Location: Detroit, Michigan

Asbestos Inspections – Detroit High Rises

Budget $31,800.00

Global Environmental Engineering, Inc. (Global) was retained on behalf of a Lansing based development group to conduct asbestos surveys on three buildings located in the Capitol Park Historic District of downtown Detroit, Michigan. The project included renovation of the century-old buildings including an approximately 72,000 square foot building built in the late 1890s, an approximately 76,000 square foot building and an approximately 107,000 square foot building each constructed in the early 1900s. Renovation activities in all three multi-story structures will consist of loft style apartments with ground floor retail units. Various public and private funding mechanisms are being utilized to complete renovation plans which are expected to cost approximately 85 million.

Global scope of work included a detailed building inspection of each of the multi-story buildings for suspected asbestos containing building materials (ACBMs). The asbestos surveys were completed to assess and quantify ACBMs prior to anticipated building renovations. The surveys were conducted in accordance with the requirements of Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) Asbestos Standards for General Industry, (29 CFR 1910.1001) and Part 602.

Each sample of suspect ACBM collected was analyzed for asbestos content using polarized light microscopy (PLM) by a NVLAP and NIST accredited laboratory in accordance with 40 CFR Ch. I (1-1-87 Edition) Part 763, Subpart F, Appendix A, pp. 293-299. Asbestos containing materials are defined as materials that contain greater than one percent (>1%) asbestos.

The results of the asbestos surveys identified friable and non-friable ACBMs within the buildings. The friable ACBMs consisted of stucco, pipe insulation, duct wrap. Physical examination of the pipe insulation identified numerous areas of exposed ends, damaged fitting insulation, and missing canvas wrap. The results of the surveys also identified non-friable floor tiles and mastic throughout various locations of the buildings. Global discussed the finding and conclusion for each building and made recommendations for removal and disposal by a licensed abatement contractor.

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