LUST Removal – Large Commercial Property

Project Details

Client: Large Commercial Chain
Start Date: Jun, 15
End Date: Jun, 15
Location: Flint, Michigan

LUST Removal – Large Commercial Property

Budget $96,000.00

Global Environmental Engineering Inc. was contracted by a large commercial chain to remove five (5) underground storage tanks (USTs), associated fuel lines, dispensers, and sample soils from their gas station in Flint, Michigan. The USTs onsite consisted of one (1) 6,000 gallon kerosene tank, one (1) 12,000 gallon diesel tank, and three (3) 12,000 gallon gasoline tanks.  After removal of the UST system, the subject property was assessed and sampled in accordance with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Site Assessment Procedures per the Michigan Underground Storage Tank Rules (MUSTR), 1999 AACS R 29.2101 et seq., Section 280.72(d) Site Assessment Procedures.  

On the morning of June 4, 2015, a confirmed release was reported to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  The release was confirmed in four locations based on samples collected during the UST removal activities. Remedial activities included dewatering and the excavation and removal of contaminated soils. Soil was field screened for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using a photo ionization detector.

In areas with elevated VOC levels, soil was excavated and hauled offsite. This process was repeated until soils no longer had elevated VOC levels. Verification soil and water samples were collected after the remedial activities. The lab data from the verification samples were below Residential Tier 1 Risked Based Screening Levels. This site is under review for closure with no restrictions.

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