Phase I – Office and Warehouse

Project Details

Client: Prospective Owner
Start Date: Jun, 15
End Date: Jun, 15
Location: Flint, Michigan

Phase I – Office and Warehouse

Budget $1,800.00

Global Environmental Engineering Inc. (Global) completed a Phase I Environmental Assessment ESA in conformance with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard E 1527-13 at an office/warehouse in Flint, Michigan. Global provided the appropriate investigation and documentation to exempt the prospective owner of this property from the liability of contamination. The project included a visual inspection of the property and all structures on the property in addition to interviews with current and past owners, local residents and officials who may have had information pertaining to past usage of the property.

A site reconnaissance was performed to identify the likelihood of environmental conditions from past or current uses at the subject property (interior and exterior) through visual and physical observations. A property inspection was performed of associated and adjoining properties to document the existence of stressed, discolored or absent vegetation, stained soils, wells, vents, stacks or odors, above ground or below ground storage tanks, transformers, drums, containers or storage vessels, and waste disposal.

A database review of the National Priority List (NPL), Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Information System (CERCLA), CERCLA No Further Remediation Action Planned (NFRAP), RCRA Generators Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Treatment, Storage and/or Disposal Facilities (TSD), RCRA Generators, RCRA Administrative Action Tracking System Corrective Action Sites (CORRACTS), Emergency Response Notification System (ERNS), Michigan State Priorities List (SPL), Michigan Solid Waste Facilities (SWF), Michigan Leaking Underground Storage Tank List (LUST), Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Registered UST List (UST), and a review of any information that may aid in identifying environmental concerns was also performed.

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