Asbestos Inspections – Ingham County

Project Details

Client: Ingham County Land Bank Authority
Start Date: Jan, 08
End Date: Dec, 09
Location: Ingham County, Michigan

Asbestos Inspections – Ingham County

Budget $18,000.00

Global has been contracted by the Ingham County Land Bank Authority (ICLBA) in Ingham County, Michigan to complete pre-demolition hazardous material and asbestos inspections on houses located within the county beginning in 2008 and currently ongoing. The commercial and residential properties were tax reverted to the county and were unable to be sold through auction. Global has performed approximately 50 inspections to date.

A thorough inspections of each commercial or residential property is completed by Global personnel, which includes a Michigan Accredited Asbestos Inspector and Environmental Scientist and/or Engineers. The inspection consists of identification, sample collection and quantification of suspected asbestos containing materials (ACM) as well a listing of hazardous materials and their locations. Following the inspection, asbestos samples are sent to a lab and analyzed using polarized light microscopy (PLM) by an NVLAP and NIST accredited laboratory in accordance with 40 CFR CH.I (1-1-87 Edition) Part 763, Subpart F, Appendix A, pp. 293-299. All data generated during the inspection, including laboratory results, were compiled into a database designed by Global to produce summaries and generate reports. A report for each house is then provided to the appropriate ICLBA personnel.

Following completion of the individual report, Global also provides assistance to the ICLBA for preparation of contractor bidding documents for the asbestos abatement and hazardous materials removal.

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