Remediation – Commercial Gas Station UST Removal

Project Details

Client: Oscar W. Larson Company
Start Date: Jul, 15
End Date: Sep, 22
Location: Woodhaven, Michigan

Remediation – Commercial Gas Station UST Removal

Budget $20,000.00

Global Environmental Engineering Inc. (Global) was contracted to perform an environmental site assessment following the removal three (3) 10,000-gallon underground storage tanks (UST), the associated product lines, and dispensers at the former Shell service station in Woodhaven, Michigan. After removal of the UST system from the former service station (subject property), Global assessed the property in accordance with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Site Assessment Procedures.

On July 28, 2015 a confirmed release was reported to LARA Bureau of Fire Services (BFS) based on photo-ionization detector (PID) readings greater than 500-parts per million. The two (2) areas of concern were in the UST removal area and in the fuel dispenser area. Corrective actions included the dewatering of 40,875-gallons of water from the UST excavation area and 13,875-gallons of water from the dispenser removal excavation area, and removal of a combined 1720-cubic yards of contaminated soil from both excavation areas.

The release is a Tier 1 Non-residential closure. There are still areas on site where chemicals of concern are above Tier 1 Risk Based Screening Levels. Through the use of Restrictive Covenants, preventing the use of groundwater onsite and limiting the property to non-residential use, and eliminating all exposure pathways of contamination/human interaction, the site is eligible for closure. The expected closure date is March, 2016.

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