Torch River Pit Stop

Project Details

Client: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ)
Start Date: Apr, 13
End Date: Jun, 14
Location: Torch Lake, Michigan

Torch River Pit Stop

Budget $9,600.00

Global has been contracted by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Remediation and Redevelopment Division (MDEQ RRD) to conduct quarterly sampling at a former gas station and adjacent property located near a State of Michigan owned public access to Torch Lake. The purpose of the sampling was to assure that there were no impacts to the surface water located down-gradient of the former underground storage tanks or to the drinking water. Additionally, Global will determine if the contaminant plume is naturally degrading.

During the course of monitoring, Global prepares quarterly reports detailing the ongoing assessment of the contaminant plume’s condition/characteristics, and provides details for additional corrective actions that may be required to address immediate impacts or threats. At the end of the monitoring, Global will make recommendations if further monitoring and study is required, if corrective actions are necessary, or if no further actions are required.

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